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Steve Miller, American Hero, Dies At 86

Posted in Uncategorized by Bob Higgins on June 29, 2006

I wrote a short piece a week or so ago in response to Tony Snow’s ridiculous comparison of the Iraq war and the Battle of the Bulge in WWll. In that story I mentioned my friend Steve who landed at Normandy and fought through France, Belgium and into Germany.

Steve Miller died this past Saturday the 24th of June 2006.

I lost a friend, his family lost a great treasure and America lost a piece of her soul.

Steve was born in Celina Ohio on September 17, 1919. He grew up in that small town Ohio farming community and came to Dayton as a young man in the thirties seeking work in the local plants which were already gearing up the arsenal of democracy for the gathering storm in Europe and the Pacific.

I’m working from my memories of many conversations with Steve at the local VFW and the details are sketchy but I believe he joined the Army a couple of years before the outbreak of war and trained in Texas where he met Ike, his future bride and the woman he loved and treasured until and beyond her death a few years ago.


Bush In Jail, A Pet Dream

Posted in Politics by Bob Higgins on June 28, 2006

The Presidency or Regency of George Bush the Lesser is nothing more or less than a vast carefully crafted criminal enterprise.

The Bush Administration and it’s extended crime family has taken organized crime from the mean streets and ethnic social clubs of urban America and transferred it high above those meager environs into the steel and glass, leather and mahogany world of the American Corporate boardroom.

The scale of the criminality of the members of this nefarious organization would make the most experienced and successful Mafiosi or Asian or Russian gangster weep with wildly envious frustration.


The President’s Saturday Radio Address, Who’s To Blame For London Terror Threats?

Posted in Politics by Bob Higgins on June 12, 2006

My fellow Americans

After spending nearly 400 billion dollars ousting Saddam and the Taliban, eradicating al Qaeda and other international terrorist organizations and creating a Model for future Middle East Democracies in Iraq, after vastly improving the lives of the Iraqi people by turning on their electricity and water service, creating a safe and secure environment for them to pursue their lives, rebuilding their schools and hospitals and other critical infrastructure and after getting their oil flowing freely to the export markets, to enable their return to national solvency, you might think that they would be grateful.

But no, last week they returned  to their old ways, proving that Iraq is still the center of the axis of evil just as Dick and Rummy and Wolfie and Me and Turd Blossom  have said from the beginning.

Now this is hard work, in other words we’ve been working hard to defeat the haters, the evil ones, I like to call them the Islamo-fascists. The ones who hate freedom.