Bob Higgins

Bush In Jail, A Pet Dream

Posted in Politics by Bob Higgins on June 28, 2006

The Presidency or Regency of George Bush the Lesser is nothing more or less than a vast carefully crafted criminal enterprise.

The Bush Administration and it’s extended crime family has taken organized crime from the mean streets and ethnic social clubs of urban America and transferred it high above those meager environs into the steel and glass, leather and mahogany world of the American Corporate boardroom.

The scale of the criminality of the members of this nefarious organization would make the most experienced and successful Mafiosi or Asian or Russian gangster weep with wildly envious frustration.

No criminal organization in history has had the raw and overwhelming economic power, the political clout, the global reach, the enormous public relations network, the military might, the cooperation of law enforcement and the assortment of like minded corrupt compatriots in the church, the press and nearly every institution of society.

This is the “Military Industrial Complex” that Dwight Eisenhower warned against nearly half a century ago, but in that ensuing span of time it has grown into something that I doubt even Ike could have anticipated. It’s a “Military Industrial Complex” on steroids.

Eisenhower wasn’t the only one to provide advance warning of the rapine now being unleashed on America and the rest of the hapless world, the culprits themselves have loudly announced themselves publicly and proudly for as long as I can remember.

Get government off our backs was the clarion cry in the 64 election. The conservatives’ hatred of government was equaled by their love for business, ahh the idea of a marketplace unfettered by government regulation, free from public scrutiny, allowed to operate without the threat of legal sanction, or environmental strictures, made many a Conservative of the sixties wax poetic. It was the era of Bill Buckley’s sweetest dreams.

Their hatred of government was also equaled by their hatred for the people in whose name the Government was constituted. People weren’t meant to rule, they have no standing, the government, if we have one at all should be run by and for business, after all they are the ones with an ownership stake in America. Wage earners should not have that kind of control.

People were only necessary as low cost labor to keep the machines turning, the trucks loaded and moving, and as consumers for the products of the company store, at compound interest, of course.

It would be self defeating to allow these same people to have any real control over the government, it would only lead to control over business.

America at the time was reawakening to it’s own true values. The values which brought about a Bill of Rights in the face of bitter conservative opposition in the eighteenth century were about to finally force America, well into the twentieth century, to recognize that Black people were full citizens, and Gee, Women too, that every person was entitled to economic justice, that there was more to promoting the common good and the pursuit of happiness than hard scrabble, dog eat dog, dollar twenty five cents an hour, wage earner competition in some sweat shop.

America discovered its conscience, it was the age of Aquarius, Pete Seeger’s folksy dream.

The Republicans were put to bed in 64 but they didn’t sleep, they festered, they fed in the dark on the societal schisms of Vietnam, on laughter they saw as license and sexuality they defined as sin. They fed on violence, assassinations, riots in the streets, on civil unrest on a scale that hadn’t been seen since the twenties.

They rose from their slumber singing their songs of derision for the people and their government, and they sang their poison to the people, they sang a melody of racism and class war and the “Greatest Generation” sang along.

My Father’s Generation turned it’s back on America and elected the first criminal federal administration in my lifetime, the President who “was not a crook.”

J Walter Thompson was in the White House, Pat Buchanan was in the EOB and the great Silent Majority, Hard Hat, Propaganda Machine was born.

Build for war. Sell bombs, think plastics.

It was Brown and Root’s ultimate revenue stream dream.

Having enjoyed the fruits of middle class America, having lived the good life on years of well paying union jobs the “Greatest Generation” turned their back on the unions, on the party that helped to build them, on younger workers, on their own children and bought into the big Republican lie.

The reaction to the Watergate scandal and the public airing of the bottomless corruption of the Nixon Agnew Crime Family brought a few brief years respite from the conservative onslaught on America, but as always the conservatives were waiting in the wings.

When next a major speaking role opened up they offered up a rapidly aging hack “B” actor whose conservative credentials included nearly tripling the size of State Government in California (although they didn’t present it quite that way) and the same “Greatest Generation” that gave us Richard Nixon now gave us eight years of towering, blathering, mediocrity and homespun homilies.

Fortunately he slept through large portions of his second term. This was the era of Bonzo’s wet dream.

Daddy Bush entered the White House on a carpet greased with Saudi Arabian Light Sweet Crude and proceeded to make money for fellow Bonesmen and associates all over the world but the Dictator that he helped prop up in Iraq while he played second banana to the Great Communicator reared his ugly head and in trying too hard to stay on the Saudis’ good side, he got on the electorate’s bad side, but he and Jim Baker had laid the cornerstone for what would become his somewhat addled son’s turn at the trough, and so entered Bill Clinton.

Peace and prosperity, eight years worth, which drove the conservatives absolutely batshit, howling, moon barking insane. The rumors and lies told by conservatives about this man, the constant, concerted attempts to derail his presidency already fill a million pages.

But more than sugar plumbs danced in Billy’s imagination and he decided to wreck his presidency his own damn self.

This was an era high dry cleaning expenses.

Which brings us back to the current and most blatantly criminal Presidency/Regency of all time.

The underachieving, draft dodging, little preppy snit that the Supreme Court rammed down our public throat began his career as Regent by, most probably, suborning election fraud in the State of Florida.

He went on to begin staffing federal regulatory agencies almost without fail with cronies and cronies of cronies who came directly from the industries that they were supposed to be regulating.

By the end of his first term there was not a chicken coop in the federal government that wasn’t being carefully guarded by a fox.

The revenue that began to flow into Republican coffers as a direct result of this approach to staffing was phenomenal. Businesses were very grateful and they showed it the way it counts.

The more they received the more they gave and now just a few years later they virtually own the government.

Dedicated people who had spent their lives protecting the people’s interests from unethical sharks in the criminal business community and those in government who aided them left government service in droves because they were prohibited from doing their jobs.

After 9/11 after ascertaining that most of the terrorists were from Saudi Arabia he decided to attack Iraq.

Hell, why not Mexico, or Paraguay, They were as deeply involved in the terrorist attacks as was Iraq and they apparently had the same quantities of WMDs.

No, it had to be Iraq, no matter what evidence had to be fabricated, the neo cons had already done the planning, the estimates were all done the contracts ready to sign, all the defense buddies were lined up at the trough, with Halliburton at the head of the line.

Oh God, the money in this deal was going to be enormous, like nothing in their lives. The death and destruction involved? Hey booby, we’re talkin’ billions here, American Kids dying by the thousands, maimed by the tens of thousands, driven half nuts by the hundreds of thousands? We’re talking tens of billions in profits here.

Young George and his neo con mentors had to go to war in Iraq, the outcome of the 04 election would require enormous outlays of cash and the defense beast had to be appeased with lucrative contracts to keep the money flowing.

Public money going out to private interests and the rake backs coming in and filling the conservative coffers to overflowing, guaranteeing a nice long profitable war as long as they can control the public relations side of the equation “Terror, Freedom Democracy” “Fight them over there so we don’t……”

The whole self serving deceitful mantra repeated over and over again. Keep the poll numbers within reason, keep the contracts flowing, just a couple more years and we’ll own the whole damn country.

Tens of billions in profits, hell, maybe hundreds.

How profitable, depends on where you sit I guess, If you’re the CEO of Halliburton or General Dynamics, you’re sitting pretty, in clover, up to your tits in cool green, or gold or bearer bonds.

If you’re a taxpayer or the grandchild of a taxpayer you’ve been saddled with a burden of debt that will never be paid. You will pay interest on your debt your whole life to enable these criminals to leave the table with their profit.

If you’re a nineteen year old Marine who has just been cut neatly in half by someone’s idea of religion or another’s idea of democracy and you’re facing a lifetime of under funded conservative neglect sitting in an antique wheel chair in a VA hospital, the perspective may be radically different still.

Bush and his Criminal Family, yeah, they hate government. They hate government, which is why they’re so abysmally bad at it from a public point of view.

The duty of government according to these conservative thieves is to take public money and turn it to private use.

They’re proud of their philosophy. They have think tanks to refine it.

I would like to see them all in handcuffs.

That’s my pet dream.

In November we have a chance to defeat this carrion filth, and begin the process of putting many of them in prison for theft, murder, crimes against humanity and criminal stupidity.

Please help me fulfill my dream.

Bob Higgins

Worldwide Sawdust


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