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“On Wisconsin,” Sarah Palin Calls for Sacrifice From Working People

Posted in Financial Crime, Labor Health and Safety, News, Politics by Bob Higgins on February 19, 2011
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Workers of the World UniteSarah Palin, is calling for sacrifice on the part of the working people of Wisconsin.

That was my first laugh this morning, a derisive laugh but many days start that way for news junkies. So much of what I read and see over morning coffee drives a growing cynicism and an anger that smolders beneath the surface and slowly grows.

The issues driving the crowds of people in Cairo and Tunis, in Benghazi and Bahrain are the same as those smoldering and now threatening to rise in flames in Wisconsin.

The widening gulf between those who hold all the wealth in our various societies, those who manipulate the strings of power and the mass of people who produce that wealth with their sweat and labor, has widened to a point that has become intolerable even among the normally complaisant. (more…)

Determination and Sanity Rids Egypt of Mubarak

Posted in News, Politics by Bob Higgins on February 11, 2011
Egypt Free

Egypt Free

After 30 years of dictatorial rule Mubarak is out.

The breaking news banner on MSNBC is telling me that Hosni Mubarak is stepping down after eighteen days of massive protest and demonstrations by the Egyptian People.

Who will step in is unclear but it’s doubtful that the people who sacrificed so much to rid themselves of Mubarak are likely to accept Assistant Torturer and (CIA asset) newly installed Vice President Omar Suleiman.

It’s likely that the interim government will be selected by the military which, unless profound changes are made in the corrupt military structure, in the end, leaves things in Egypt largely unchanged. The military has been in control for thirty years.

I don’t think that the people I’m watching on the streets of Cairo are likely to accept “meet the new dictator, just like the old dictator” as an answer to their weeks of passion and pain.

Something in the sound of the voices and sight of the faces of the Egyptian crowds makes me believe that this  is for real and they will continue to hold out until they are assured that they will prevail in gaining democratic government, justice and the human rights.

I hope in the days ahead to confidently offer my personal congratulations and my thanks to the Egyptian people for teaching the world how to conduct a revolution with determination and sanity.

Bob Higgins

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Egypt: “When Will US Stand For Freedom?”

Posted in History, News, Politics, Religion by Bob Higgins on January 31, 2011
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Egyption People in the Streets to "Petiton for a Redress of Grievences"

Egyption People in the Streets to "Petiton for a Redress of Grievences"

President Obama delivered a very pretty salad of crowd pleasing palliative­s in Cairo about 19 months ago which contained applause drawing words like “freedom and democracy” “justice and tolerance,­” and the always popular
“human rights.”

The 6000 word address was similar to others he delivered during his 2008 campaign and since, to various audiences composed of disparate groups like labor and business, left and right, wall street and main street. The basic template of this address nearly always brings good reviews.

The intent and effects are the same; to calm the nerves of this or that group, to buy some time or a few points in the polls while hand to hand combat continues behind the scenes in the vaudeville of American politics. These speeches aren’t new, most presidents have hiked the same trail. The words that make up the applause lines are shifted and altered to suit an audience that changes like the antique backdrop of a silent movie. (more…)