Bob Higgins

The Piteous Tears Of Tom Delay

Posted in Financial Crime, News, Politics by Bob Higgins on January 14, 2011
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Tom Delay Dances with the stars

Tom Delay, In Prison Garb, Dancing?

Tom Delay and his lawyer are making piteous crying noises over Tom’s conviction in Texas for money laundering.

I think the prosecution made their case admirably, hence the conviction and jail sentence.

I for one, and I’ll take odds that there are many others, will thoroughly enjoy the sight of the “Hammer” in an orange jump suit or whatever prison fashion calls for in the Lone Star State.

Justice though, is never perfect, and it’s just possible that his peers acted in error and convicted poor Tom because they saw him cavorting in tight red pants on “Dancing With The Stars.”

The judge saw it too, hence the long sentence.

Bob Higgins