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People of the River, “If Fields Could Be Carried”

Posted in Environment, History, Politics by Bob Higgins on June 8, 2007

Hamatika School
Gwembe valley
October 4, 2002

Dear Aunty Grace

Thank you very much for the food that arrived yesterday. Mother was thrilled to see it.  She cried because she had not seen so much mealie meal for months.

Straightaway she cooked a really big meal of nshima. We ate really well last night and I still feel full today.

Some days when I’m unable to write at home, too lazy to make breakfast, or just need a better cup of coffee than I make around here, I head for a local Internet Cafe called Java Street, a pleasant spot run by a gracious friend named Stacy and frequented by an interesting and diverse group of people.

Yesterday as I settled in, plugged in the laptop and ordered breakfast, I spoke to a couple of the regulars who play chess most mornings, trading quick coffee house greetings. As I opened the morning paper I noticed at the next table a very pretty young woman, as a professional, a trained observer, it’s part of my job. She was wearing a headset, engrossed in her work and seemed oblivious to the coffee aromas, with the lingering memory of burnt toast and the low murmur of breakfast banter wafting in her vicinity.