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Malala Wanted to go to School so They Shot Her.

Posted in Politics by Bob Higgins on October 11, 2012
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Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai

Just when I believe that I’m beyond outrage a story like this hits the news.

What kind of animal would attempt to assassinate this girl?

The Taliban has claimed credit, as if credit is a word that can be applied to such an insane and cowardly act as the murder of a child in the name of some supposed deity or a half baked system of religious law.

Taliban, al Qaeda, KKK, Holy Rollers of the Purple Sage, it doesn’t matter who. They’re all delusional authoritarian cowards, ever poised and ready to commit the unspeakable in the service of their imagined gods.

I guess every religion has its extreme nut cases. In the last several days I’ve read several stories about deranged religious zealots right here at home: (more…)

Melanoma, Birth Defects or a Deep Grope, Your Choice, Happy Holidays

Posted in Uncategorized by Bob Higgins on November 20, 2010
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Cartoon: Marshall Ramsey

One of the more amazing sights in these modern times can be witnessed by taking a walk through any of America’s reasonably sized airports.

Long lines of people removing belts, shoes and other articles of clothing and jewelry, preparing to be scanned by a large radiation emitting machine before they board a deregulated aircraft with a questionable maintenance schedule, flown by a possibly inebriated or at least hung over pilot, to attend a gathering of their dysfunctional family for the holidays.

This is a vision that Norman Rockwell missed and I wish that he were still alive to paint it for Hallmark. It would be my first choice as a Christmas or holiday card. I haven’t sent cards for the holidays for thirty years or so but if I could get hold of a pile of Norman Rockwell Holiday Airport Screening cards, I’d change my ways and get in the spirit of the season, such as it is.

I’m vastly amused by the fact that most of this nonsense is unnecessary, ineffective, and protects no one from the terror monsters. It achieves nothing but to further line the pockets of people who don’t have to stand naked in these lines and have their genitalia massaged by rent a cops because they fly in private jets and live in yachts in the country.

I’ve read up on the issues involved, from health concerns about the radiation emitted by the equipment to the conflicts of interest and outright corruption involved in awarding the contracts to purchase these devices. At $183 mil for the thousand ordered using federal stimulus dollars, I would say that the purpose of the program is the sale of the equipment. Period.

Like cruise missiles, drones, private security forces for diplomats and executives this is just another manifestation of the ever widening security culture we are developing. It’s as if we were building a prison in a bottle for ourselves, constructing it from the inside and being taxed to pay for the privilege of remaining safe within.

Of course we have a choice to fly or not fly and if we choose to board the winged Greyhound we have a choice between melanoma, birth defects or special welcoming attention to our collective crotches. Ah, the free market at work.

Recent polls say that 81% of our citizens welcome these programs if they “keep us safe” as if they have been fenced in the yard by doting parents.

I’m a member, of the 18% who believe that we are being taken for a ride by the airlines, the security companies, the TSA and the national security apparatchiks, literally and figuratively.

The odds against dying in an act of airborne terrorism are far greater than those against dying from a lightning strike. Amazing isn’t it that a small number of people in this world have created such turmoil and fear and incredible financial costs.

I doubt that they could have accomplished this without the valuable assistance of the lovely corporations and institutions that work so tirelessly to keep us safe.

The Mosque: Courage, Truth and the Law

Posted in News, Politics, Uncategorized by Bob Higgins on August 17, 2010
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The President And Daughter Sasha Swimming Off Alligator Point

Private Beach At Marriot Near Alligator Point

Alligator Point Near Panama City Shown In Relation To Gulf Of Mexico

The current hoo-hah over President Obama’s public statement of the obvious, that Muslims have the same rights as everyone else, to worship, to speak, to petition the government for redress, to get jiggy, and just about whatever, Dude, has had the media, the Republicans and a few chicken shit Democrats obsessing through the weekend and deep into today, with no end in sight.

This is, as usual, being driven by the same gang of Republicans who really don’t give a damn about the siting of this Islamic cultural center but do care deeply about sticking a knife in every vulnerable patch of flesh that the President and his party expose to their efforts.

They hope only to drive a wedge between the electorate, at least the fraction of it that cares about this sort of nonsense and the Prez and Democrats in general.

It is also, of course, being fanned by the completely irresponsible news media whose only concerns are notoriety, ratings, advertising dollars and maintaining a shallow pretext of objectivity.

This sort of behavior is a constant with Republicans, creating a large issue out of nothing, finding a mountain where all that exists is a molehill and wasting the public’s time picking fly shit out of pepper. (more…)