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Romney: Bring Me the Head of Big Bird

Posted in Politics by Bob Higgins on October 5, 2012

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Mitt Romney the fearless vulture capitalist boldly stated during the first debate that if elected he will take out Big Bird.

I guess it’s reasonable for him to want to counter the macho credentials the Obama administration acquired in the bin Laden raid but I think they’re setting the bar a bit low.

If Obama were to announce US intentions to put a man on the far side of the moon would Romney counter by sending a limo to La Jolla for foie gras?

Romney Fires Big Bird

Yo, Mitt…Downsize this! Image: Addicting Info

His target? Federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and its high value figurehead Big Bird.

CPB is hardly a major item in the budget. ($445.2 million for FY 2012)

The elimination of this half billion dollar investment in public broadcasting would reduce the $1.5 trillion federal budget deficit by less than 3 ten-thousandths of one percent, while having a profoundly negative effect on local communities.

More than 170 million Americans use public broadcasting every month. That’s more than half of us and likely the half that Mittens doesn’t care for or consider part of his job. Over the last 40 years CPB has become America’s classroom. I have trouble believing that people will see Big Bird as a high value target.

Hell there’s more money to be saved by using majors and captains instead of the traditional full colonels to make coffee and doughnut runs at the Pentagon.

Romney claims that CPB as a multi million dollar enterprise would survive but if that’s true (CPB says it is not) then the wily financial pirate should find removing the $4 billion in annual corporate welfare handed out to multi billion dollar oil companies even more palatable.

CPB raises six dollars for every dollar of federal appropriations from other sources, either listeners/viewers, or corporate sponsors.

How many jobs would be lost if this investment is eliminated? But then jobs and people have never been a big concern for Romney.

He exports jobs, harvests companies enjoys firing people and firmly believes that half of us are sitting around on our duffs waiting for a free lunch provided by people of his exalted class. Reject this lying buffoon.

Bob Higgins

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