Bob Higgins

The Mayor of Kabul

Posted in Politics by Bob Higgins on January 13, 2012

The Mayor of Kabul

Cross posted at Film Annex: The Mayor of Kabul

I imagine that being mayor of a city, despite decent pay and perks, could be a thankless job. Whether you’re the mayor of East Podunk (pop 236) or a metropolis of millions of people most of the problems land on your desk. Problems of moving people around from work to home to play. Keeping the streets clean and safe. Keeping coalitions together, satisfying the divergent interests of the various neighborhoods and competing groups.

Power failures, sporting events, conventions, fires, storms, crimes both petty and spectacular, strikes, all bring an overnight bag or more of grief for the Mayor.

But what must it be like to be Mayor in a city that has grown in population from just over a million to nearly 5 million in eight years,  a city of mostly unpaved roads, a city 3500 years old, with a dozen ethnic groups and half a dozen languages, a city with one foot in the present,  one foot in the past and both planted firmly in a war.

Read the rest at: Film Annex  “The Mayor of Kabul”

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