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Republican Science: “Make Pi 3 and Round Planck’s Constant To 7 × 10-34 m2 kg / s”

Posted in Humor, News, Politics by Bob Higgins on March 26, 2011
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Rounding pi is close enough.

Max Planck: "Runden die Sache ab?"

Ian Squires has a nice piece of satire up and running at Huffington Post, titled “Conservative Pie: Republicans Introduce Legislation Redefining Pi as Exactly 3.”

Satire can be problematic when posted on the web, due,  I suppose, to the rising gullibility level of the reading public or the willingness by many to latch on to the faintest wisps of conspiracy wafting on the breeze.

Writers on the web often label their work as “satire” or “humor” or “just kidding,” and when they do I usually find their stuff to be lame and generally ineffective. Good satire and humor draws you in, sets the hook and yanks you into the boat laughing. Advance written warnings and disclaimers serve only to scare the fish away.

Squire caught his limit this morning.

Some of the best satirical comedy of our time is being generated unintentionally by republican politician­s and their tea party brethren and…  sistere­n.

Part of the beauty of his piece is that the right has worked so hard presenting nincompoop propositio­ns for public consumptio­n that as absurd as the idea of legislatin­g the value of π may be, when told that it emanates from a republican source it takes on a certain verisimili­tude.

If the scientific community is largely in agreement that anthropoge­nic climate change is at work and a real threat to our future, the view of the right, driven by those who find such an idea financiall­y inconvenie­nt, is to kill the concept with legislatio­n, defunding, false advertisin­g and positively Galilean smear campaigns.

If Boyle’s law, or Planck’s constant or the Pythagorea­n theorem is going to cost the Koch brothers some dough then it’s time to spread some money to introduce legislatio­n against such subversive and expensive ideas.

If you need Fred Flintstone riding a brachiosau­rus to square your belief in a six thousand year old universe with the fossil record, just make the claim and build a megamillio­n dollar museum. Present it as fact, the republican hoi polloi will pay admission.

A large part of the republican base will believe nearly anything, if it is presented as “common sense,” anti intellectu­al and based on conservati­ve values.

It matters not that your moon rockets are now landing in Louisville­, that was probably part of god’s plan anyway.


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  1. opit said, on May 26, 2011 at 11:17 am

    “If the scientific community is largely in agreement that anthropoge­nic climate change is at work and a real threat to our future”
    I take it you are familiar with the ‘Denier’ meme applied with a broad brush at any who dare to doubt that a) science has proven it can foretell the future because it has ( definite maybe ) predicted the past b) also wonder about the hubris of the same marvels fancying a global tax to be levied on the use of fire…payable to the IPCC and a considerable target for fraud (built right in )
    Did you note the part where all dissent automatically became the exclusive purview of Cro Magnon Christianist cult followers. Best you check Orwell’s cautions on such Poisoning the Well fallacies.
    At the moment China and the US are in the position of NOT having added levies on their trade goods compared to much of the globe.Yet nobody can identify fiscal incentives for hanky panky !
    The childhood heroes of the U.S. frontier were the best tellers of tall tales. Leopards/ changing spots, etc.
    Some points to ponder.

    • Bob Higgins said, on May 26, 2011 at 11:29 am

      I think you know that your assertions are false and your comment ridiculous. Just for the record I waste no time arguing with idiots and assholes, so just go away.

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