Bob Higgins

Republicans: No Marbles Left to Lose?

Posted in History, Politics by Bob Higgins on February 23, 2011
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This Guy Has A Bright Future With The GOP

This Guy Has A Bright Future With The GOP

Legislation being introduced in the various states leads me to believe that the hallucinogens Qaddafi was raving about yesterday were introduced into our water supply not Libya’s.

With birther bills, and tenther bills, public financing for private militias to protect us from government, the immigration insanity of Arizona, concealed carry of handguns on Texas campuses, and legalizing the killing of abortion providers, the Wisconsin attack on labor begins to look tame in comparison.

The party of Lincoln is losing what’s left of its marbles at an alarming rate and rapidly morphing into the party of Lincoln Rockwell. Every move they make is in favor of corporate control and authoritar­ian rule by the oligarchy.

Between the loony legislation, the nutty signs and colonial costumes, I’m thinking there’s more than a little rocket booster in those tea bags.

Someone commented that Republicans don’t want to get to the bottom of the banking scandal; of course not, at the bottom of the banking scandal you will find a nest of obscenely wealthy republican snakes, just as you will find the Koch boys behind the current war on unions.

It’s unfortunat­e that a third of the electorate are so easily fooled by their flimflamery and that another sizable fraction is so completely disinteres­ted in the process that will lead to their future sufferings­.

The media rats are all over the airwaves wondering if democracy can flourish in the Middle East, I’m concerned that it won’t flourish here. With the current crowd of republican­s trying to imitate the most befuddled and deluded of the extreme right and the clutch of billionair­es manipulati­ng behind the scenes, things aren’t looking good.

The struggle in Wisconsin will spread to other states soon. This raid on unions was planned in advance on a national level and the there is no limit to the money they will spend in this attempt to break the power of workers and the working class.

The oligarchs have officially declared class war.

Bob Higgins


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