Bob Higgins

America the Beautiful, Landfill of Lunacy

Posted in News, Politics by Bob Higgins on February 21, 2011
Rick "Six Gun" Perry

Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry fires a six shooter filled with blanks. Photo: Rodger Mallison / AP

In Texas where everything is supposedly bigger, including belly laughs, members of the state lege are tripping over themselves to gain passage of a bill that would allow college students the right to carry firearms on campus, to classes, and I guess, to mixers, rallies, keggers and raves.

The reasoning behind this forward looking pile of sausage is a bit hazy but it fits in well with the Texas board of Ed’s decision to get Tom Jefferson out of our textbooks in order to include more riveting tales of the adventures of John Calvin, a notable historical figure I suppose, but one who happened to die a couple of centuries before our republic was born.

Ahh Texans, gotta love ’em even if you gotta cage ’em.

Bob Higgins


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