Bob Higgins

Egypt: “When Will US Stand For Freedom?”

Posted in History, News, Politics, Religion by Bob Higgins on January 31, 2011
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Egyption People in the Streets to "Petiton for a Redress of Grievences"

Egyption People in the Streets to "Petiton for a Redress of Grievences"

President Obama delivered a very pretty salad of crowd pleasing palliative­s in Cairo about 19 months ago which contained applause drawing words like “freedom and democracy” “justice and tolerance,­” and the always popular
“human rights.”

The 6000 word address was similar to others he delivered during his 2008 campaign and since, to various audiences composed of disparate groups like labor and business, left and right, wall street and main street. The basic template of this address nearly always brings good reviews.

The intent and effects are the same; to calm the nerves of this or that group, to buy some time or a few points in the polls while hand to hand combat continues behind the scenes in the vaudeville of American politics. These speeches aren’t new, most presidents have hiked the same trail. The words that make up the applause lines are shifted and altered to suit an audience that changes like the antique backdrop of a silent movie.

But there comes a time when history demands more than calming bromides, when “the proof of the pudding is in the  eating,” and that time has arrived or is near, on the horizon in Egypt and much of the developing world. The reality of human rights, of justice, of some semblance of economic parity and dignity are being demanded by real people, not in the abstract, nor admired from afar, but on the table to be eaten and enjoyed. Now.

As a people, we owe no allegiance to the world’s dictators and despots, we either stand with the Egyptian people or with their oppressors­.

Full text and video of Obama’s speech in Cairo

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