Bob Higgins

Can Giuliani Beat Obama For GOP Nomination?

Posted in News, Politics, Pop Culture, Uncategorized by Bob Higgins on January 26, 2011
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Giuliani: GOP Favorite Unless Obama Moves To Right

GOP Favorite Unless Obama Moves To Right

In a recent poll, respondents report that if the republican front runners are suddenly raptured off the planet, Rudy Giuliani would be the only one left on the list who looks good in a little black dress and would become the favorite to win the nomination.

Rudy would be the favorite…that is, unless Barack Obama continues his inexorable creep to the right.

The President’s SOTU speech last night sounded as if he and his wordsmiths had just returned from a long sojourn in some fairyland where full employment and economic justice prevail.

What he offered in his address was more of the same hollow panaceas, noble sounding bromides, continued wars, more tax cuts for business and spending cuts for the rest of us.

His stomach for kowtowing to republicans and the economic power elite may have been the model for the new Starbucks size.

Given another two years of moving toward and through the center, I expect that Obama may win the CPAC straw poll and be elected as a Republican in 2012.

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