Bob Higgins

The Middle Way: Government and Business, Partners in Crime

Posted in Financial Crime, History, News, Politics by Bob Higgins on January 22, 2011
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Incoming by Kevin Siers / Charlotte Observer

Barack Obama our “hope and change” guy, elected to return the reins of government to the people, has apparently seen the light. He has discovered that the best way to acquire the billion dollars or whatever he will need to gain a second term is to bring major business contributors into the White House and share office space with them.

Sitting on the opposite side of a giant partners desk just installed in the oval office will be Chief of Staff, former J.P. Morgan Chase executive William Daley and GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt who will be Chairman of the new Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

“It may be a bit crowded at first,” said a presidential spokesperson, “but if it becomes uncomfortably cramped the President has agreed to share Joe Biden’s office in the Executive Office Building.”

Last week’s state dinner for China’s  President and Technocrat in Chief, Hu Jintao was attended by a baker’s dozen of American CEOs. They were there to represent our corporate culture which with one hand extracts enormous profit through public contracts from the national security state while robbing the same public blind with the other by avoiding taxes through every imaginable artifice, sucking up corporate welfare dollars through every pore and committing these favors on every level of government­.

Rather than lock the thieves away for the protection of the public treasury Obama is following the Dick Cheney approach to business regulation­… give them a corner office and let them write their own laws, regulation­s and tax policy.  After all, that’s the approach that brought us our marvelous energy policy, record profits for the oil and gas industry and loan officers at the corner gas station.

This could be an efficient way to remodel the outdated and cumbersome lobbying system in Washington­; simply evacuate the EOB, get rid of all those meddlesome government people and fill it to the brim with CEOs, and other corporate geniuses. Get high caliber people like Ken Lay, or Lloyd Blankfein and let them have the run of the place.

This approach will obviate the need for several regiments of that irksome army of pesky lobbyists and make the process of stealing from the people of the United States a painless, completely seamless and much more profitable operation.

We are well on our way to a new era of “business friendliness” in this country where the government will serve business by providing it with easy access to public funds, domestic and worldwide security services through our armed forces and protection from the irritations of common malcontents among the general public.

In return business offers a new golden age of company jobs, company health care, company stores, company housing, company police and company government. Taking a page from the gospel of Calvin Coolidge Obama has declared that the business of America is the fleecing of the American people and business has never been better.

What could go wrong?

Bob Higgins

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