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Sanity Restored? Lace Up the Gloves and Get Back to Work

Posted in Arts and Entertainment, Election 2010, Humor, News, Politics by Bob Higgins on October 31, 2010
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Rally to Restore Sanity

I watched the “Rally to Restore Sanity” without expectation of a political satori or anything other than a good time. I was a little disappointed with the comedy, I expected more but realized that in order to tone it down and balance it out in the spirit of the day they just managed to make it slightly lame.

I’m not a fan of rap or hip hop but Kid Rock and Sheryl Crowe turned out a couple of great moments and Bonnie Whitmore, the backup singer and bass player with Hayes Carll was fantastic.

I woke up this morning and cable was filled with campaign ads so I hit the mute button while I made coffee. Thinking to myself that the ads would stop in a couple of days and we could begin suffering from the post election analysis I fired up the computing beast.

While checking my morning email I discovered a Sunday post from Carl Hiaasen at the Miami Herald, one of my all time favorite writers:

Thank heaven for the TV mute button

By Carl Hiaasen

As the days tick down drearily toward the mid-term elections, the mute button is our friend. Every time a political commercial comes on television, millions of Americans are lunging for their remote controls to turn off the volume.

This is a perfectly reasonable response to a nauseating blizzard of snarky lies, breathless exaggerations and ludicrous promises that will never, ever be kept.

Only a slobbering halfwit would fall for any candidate who vows to wipe out the national deficit while cutting taxes. It can’t be done, although it sounds pretty good in a 15-second sound bite.

Clearly, most political ads aren’t aimed at free thinkers, or those with a grasp of simple 6th-grade math. The commercials are meant to seed anger, frustration and fear, not necessarily in that order.

Read more:  Thank heaven for the TV mute button – Carl Hiaasen –

Hmm… Somebody’s reading somebody’s mind here. Meanwhile back at the rally:

Stewart’s closing monologue was worth the whole show especially the merging analogy, transcribed here.

Just as this event was critiqued and analyzed to death before the fact, the bones of its carcass will be picked clean in the days ahead. There will be derision from the right and complaints about “moral equivalency” from the left. So what?

It was a party on a beautiful autumn day given with good intentions, it looked like everybody had a good time, got home safely, merging politely, and Jon Stewart made a nice short speech. ‘Nuff said.

Now its time to get back to work, remember, friends don’t let friends vote Republican.

See y’all Tuesday.

Bob Higgins


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