Bob Higgins

Britain’s Largest Red Deer Slaughtered For Sport

Posted in Environment, News by Bob Higgins on October 26, 2010
The Exmoor Emperor Englands Largest Deer, Killed For "Sport"

The Exmoor Emperor - Photo by: me'nthedogs/Creative Commons

[Editor’s note: The magnificent, beautiful animal pictured at left is, or rather was said to be the largest wild animal in all of Britain. The giant red deer was found shot to death recently. The killer is said to have been a licensed hunter.

Two questions: Who would kill a such a creature for “sport?” Who would sell a license to commit such an atrocious and unnecessary act? Bob Higgins]

The story from : Tree Hugger:

The Exmoor Emperor, standing over nine feet tall and weighing over 300 pounds, was thought to be the largest wild animal in all of Britain. That title, however, is up for grabs since the giant red deer was recently found shot dead.

Believed to be the work of a licensed hunter, the kill occurred within the confines of the law but the shooting has raised questions about red deer hunting in England.

Peter Donnelly, an Exmoor-based deer management expert, argues that hunting during mating season is especially problematic. He commented:

It could be that he didn’t get a chance to rut properly this year, therefore his genes have not been passed on this time round…the poor things should be left alone during the rut, not harried from pillar to post. If we care about deer we should maintain a standard and stop all persecution during this important time of the year.

And hunting during the mating season is not the only concern this killing raised. Read more at Tree Hugger


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