Bob Higgins

Rich Idiot Teabagger Enjoys Nazi Drag, Playing At War, Running For Congress

Posted in Humor, News, Politics by Bob Higgins on October 11, 2010
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Click on the Image for a video of these birds playing at war.


Each day brings us closer to the mid term election and it seems that as we advance the level of crazy gets cranked ever higher.

The Republican “Young Gun,” Teabagger candidate for Ohio’s 9th congressional district is a millionaire retired grocer from Columbus.  This guy, Rich Iott (irony atop irony) enjoys dressing up as a Nazi soldier and playing  war in the rolling hills of northeast Ohio with a jolly band of fellow lovers of SS drag.

The Waffen SS was notorious for their record of war crimes.  I understand that in Germany merely wearing an SS uniform can get you time in jail.

I wonder, on their Sunday outings, do they reenact the war crimes?

During the reenactments who plays the part of the murdered Jews, of the women and children summarily executed and tossed in bomb craters? Who plays the part of all the innocents slaughtered by this savage band of indiscriminate murderers?

Rich Iott says this is a valuable hobby that he enjoys while bonding with his son.  Watch their recruitment video and see if you can find the value, I can’t.

Bob Higgins


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