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Misdirected Class Warfare? Yeah, We Need To Start At The Top

Posted in Uncategorized by Bob Higgins on October 8, 2010
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class warfare

Class Warfare ?

President Obama has once again taken his case to the people and around here we’re glad to see it.

He’s attacking the Bush tax cuts, the moneyed class who claim that they would have to close off a few bedrooms without them, thereby putting a chambermaid out of work, and the Republican prison guards who begin fibrillating at the thought of losing that chambermaid they had grown so fond of.

The country is teetering at the precipice of bankruptcy because it has been fleeced by its wealthiest and most powerful people and corporations and now that the working classes are on the ropes, out of work, behind on the rent, the ruling class wants more.

There are torches in the woods carried by folks in evening wear and I’m hearing shouts of “down with the minimum wage,” “privatize social security,” “let them work till eighty,” “the people are spoiled,” and they’re worried abut “class warfare?”

Ray Learsey’s plaintive wail at the very thought of “class warfare” at Huffington Post this morning is an example. He has a case of the vapors over “The President’s Misdirected Class Warfare” and believes that we are painting the wealthy with a brush too broad, a brush that should be reserved for the obvious criminals on wall street and the banksters.

I’m concerned about getting a refund from those criminals as well, but I want a refund from everyone who profited from the corruption of the system and if that includes their shareholders then… tough beans.

Learsey quotes Harvard’s Martin Feldstein who was also a director of AIG and may have had more than a finger in the meltdown machinery:

“The president has given the impression that he just doesn’t like business. That’s not his constituency. He doesn’t like high-income individuals, and he makes that very clear.” That he wants to extend the tax cuts for households earning under $250,000 dollars and permit the cuts to lapse on December 31 for those earning more. Yet according to Feldstein the economy is too week to raise taxes on anyone. In two years perhaps one could revisit the issue, but not now:

Hell, I don’t like business either, because I’ve seen at close hand how they have criminally mishandled my country in order to enrich themselves.

If you listen to the Feldsteins and the Milton Friedmans, to the Chicago school and the Republicans, there is never a good time for the wealthy to pay a fair share of the costs of this modern industrial society. It was the top tier of society and their careless and criminal practices that brought us to the brink and now we must tighten our belts. Meanwhile their belts are always loose in anticipation of additional bloating driven by further increases in “share holder value,” bigger profits and obscene bonuses.

Just in case you missed it, there has been class warfare underway for decades and the war crimes escalate year by year.

This war doesn’t get mentioned often in the press because it’s being waged by the wealthy against the working class. Even Warren Buffet has noted it:

“There’s class warfare, all right,” Mr. Buffett said, “but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.” “There Is Class Warfare, and Rich Are Winning” by Dave Zweifel, Common Dreams

Complaints are few when wealth is being transferred from the bottom to the top, but when wages are cut or stagnant for decades, when the price of everything rises, when pension funds are being stolen and social safety nets are being rolled up, there is seldom a peep from the moneyed class, nor from its mouthpieces in the media.

However, let one under dressed worker in the street speak the truth about the conditions of the un-moneyed and the gates are slammed shut and the guard doubled on the McMansions on the hill. Fear abounds, when the wealthy feel our “envy.”

The Reagan tax cuts were a mistake, and the Bush tax cuts in the middle of two wars a crime against the working class. These two events reversed the flow of money and made the river flow uphill. Gravity was repealed.

It is time for the rich to pay up to the people and businesses who have been fleeced by this ongoing class warfare, a war conducted by big business, and obscene wealth against the working class and against our institutions.

If you crack open the door Mr. Learsey you’ll see that this isn’t as simple as “envy,” this is about food and shelter, about work, about security and dignity and yes, though it’s out of fashion up on the hill, it’s about justice.

You have it… we want it, that’s class warfare in the right direction.

Bob Higgins

The President’s Misdirected Class Warfare


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  1. George Jones said, on April 5, 2011 at 12:02 pm

    Great post! Cutting taxes during a time of war has to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen our government do. That’s no small feat.

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