Bob Higgins

From National Public to National “Petrified” Radio

Posted in News, Politics by Bob Higgins on September 27, 2010

A response to Harry Shearer’s NPR vs. The Big Uneasy: A Question of Fear? at Huffington Post:

NPR was among the many agencies and pieces of the federal government, dismantled, nearly destroyed, hamstrung and hobbled by the Cheney / Bush administration.

Through a combination of underfunding and the appointment of people who were ideological enemies of the very agencies to which they were appointed,Cheney/ Bush set out to destroy and/ or place in private control as much of the government as possible.

Much of the mania for privatization and deregulation began under Reagan and continued under Clinton but the effort really took wing under the watchful, Sauronic eye of Dick Cheney and son.

The evisceration of NPR is apparent in the treatment of your film and it’s blatantly obvious in the advertising/ funding credits at the beginning and end of each show.  I shudder every time I see David Koch’s name attached to an environmental or historical feature.

In many ways, once in Republican hands NPR was on its way to becoming the Conservapedia of public programming.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Bob Higgins


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