Bob Higgins

Look Out Islam: Here Comes the Texas Board of Education

Posted in Humor, News, Politics, Religion by Bob Higgins on September 23, 2010
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The so called free market seems to be driving the fundamentalist push in Texas to revise the histories of the state, the country, the world, and now Islam to reflect the views and protect the sensibilities of Baptists, evangelicals and deep south fundamentalists in general.

Should you find that your kids are coming home spouting a lot of junk history and religious claptrap filtered through some deep fried fundamentalist lens, blame the Texas State Board of Education and the text book publishers who pee their pants when the board snaps their fingers or passes a resolution.

“The sheer size of Texas’ textbook market means that the state’s requirements and sensitivities have considerable influence on what publishers produce.”  Texas school board debates ‘pro-Islamic’ bias in textbooks Kari Huus

Texas buys enormous quantities of textbooks. The market says that the biggest most profitable customers get what they want. Texas wants to decide what is, or is not, historical truth. The market decides who will write history.

The fact that the Lone Star textbook market is so enormous means the publishers write the books to please Texas and then sells them nationally.

It’s the national free market homogenization of stupid.

Now everybody knows that Texas is the heart, soul and the football champeen of the Bible belt and it’s been noted by at least one wag that “Texas has more Baptists than people.”

Molly Ivins used to quote the legendary Texas newspaperman, William Brann of Waco who once said, “The trouble with our Texas Baptists is that we do not hold them under water long enough.” He was later shot dead in a street duel by an irate Baptist.

The Texas State Board of Education is composed of ten Republicans and five Democrats. A couple of the reps are moderates but the board continues on in its quest for Christian purity in the state’s textbooks.

No taint of liberalism shall sully the pages of Texas’ tomes on America’s history,  nor will they carry the stain of that church/state separation stuff. The board is equally zealous in protecting the tender minds of Texas’ children from the foul vapors of evolution, or as they like to call it Darwinism.

If you’ve been wondering why nearly everything on TV is stupid and don’t know why that happened,  I’d start my investigation with the Texas State Board of Education.

Bob Higgins

What Are the Facts about the State Board of Education’s Anti-Islam Resolution?

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  1. Sandi Saunders said, on September 23, 2010 at 8:21 pm

    Right on Bob! Texas, please secede, you are killing us.

  2. bobhiggins said, on September 23, 2010 at 8:26 pm

    New rule: If they secede, they have to take Arizona with them.

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