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Reply to a “Traditional Conservative”

Posted in Arts and Entertainment, Environment, Humor, News, Politics, Pop Culture, Religion by Bob Higgins on September 22, 2010
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This is from a comment thread to Bob Cesca’s post at Huff Post titled “Despite America’s Temper Tantrum, It’s Still a Center-Left Nation”

Fair TV a self proclaimed “traditional conservative” launched an attack on Democrats and Liberals.
FAIRTV Commented:

Ah, the once proud Democratic party. Are there no democrats left who will stand up to the Idiot Left with their frontal assault on American Freedoms?
You Coastal Elite… what the American People can do when they find their freedoms under attack by the Fringe Left.
If this is a center left country, why are the Lefties afraid to even use the term “Liberal” any more instead choosing the more “acceptable” “Progressives?”
Democrats today are held hostage by Thug Union Bosses, Wacko Environmentalists, Pro-Abortionists, the Radical Gay Lobby, Anti-gun zealots, Anti-religious bigots, and dim-witted Hollywood types. It’s a shame to see a once proud Democrat party reduced to a National Joke.

TraceyES Comment in reply to FairTV:Er…can you enumerate your freedoms which are currently under assault by Democrats? Go ahead, make a list for us. Waiting…waiting…

FAIRTV Responded to TraceyES:The right to life
The right to bear arms
The right to live in a country with secure borders
The right to live in a country with laws that are enforced
The right to First Amendment speech, in spite of the language police
The right to believe in God and tell others about that faith
The right to hold conservative, traditional views without being labelled a “racist.”

Bob Higgins Responded to FairTV:

You have all those rights now and you know it. To claim that any one of them is under threat from anyone, especially Democrats and liberals is absurd and a pathetic whining lie.

1.The right to life
A. You are alive, your life as a human being is at this moment being protected by hundreds of thousands of armed troops and police personnel domestically and around the world. Our society has provided you with the best protective forces in the world. We are concerned with your life, honest.

2. The right to bear arms
A. You have the right to bear arms guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment penned by a liberal from Virginia named James Madison. Take a deep breath, calm down and go shoot a squirrel, you’ll feel better and you can have it for dinner. Yum.

3. The right to live in a country with secure borders
A. We live in a country with open borders to our north and south. It has always been this way and I hope that it always remains this way. During better economic times we have been a magnet for immigrants who have flocked here from all over the world, people like my grandparents. We need a comprehensive immigration policy and if the republicans ever come to their senses we may get one. In the meantime our borders are as protected and security as they can be in an open society. If you spot a horde of invading Huns headed for the border at a quick trot, let me know.

4. The right to live in a country with laws that are enforced
A. We are enforcing laws left and right. We currently have the largest prison population in the world. A reporter was threatened with arrest in Pensacola the other day for attempting to dig in the sand on a public beach with a small shovel. He was told that they were enforcing the law against building sand castles. We spend more on law enforcement than any other country. Go down to the local slammer and tell those folks that we aren’t enforcing the law. Wait let me shut my doors; I’m sensitive to loud laughter.

5. The right to First Amendment speech, in spite of the language police
A. The 1st amendment is probably your most protected right. Suggested by the liberal John Locke and picked up by liberals Jefferson, Tom Paine, Madison and the rest of that early liberal cabal, your right to speak is not being violated, a fact amply proved by your continued access to this forum to complain that you’re not allowed to complain. Should anyone ever truly threaten your right to speak or worship I’d suggest that you call that great liberal defender of the constitution the ACLU. They do a lot of that kind of work.

6. The right to believe in God and tell others about that faith
A. You have that right now but if you preach to me I will walk away because I also have that right and like to keep my religious affairs private except when I’m publicly declaring that I don’t believe a word of anyone’s religions. I have that right too…So do you. My brother, a born again pain in the ass, was recently asked to leave a party because he insisted on preaching to everyone in the room about his love for his religion. I think that he was invited to leave, not because of his religion but because he was boring and no one could hear the music. So go ahead and “tell others about that faith” but make sure that you have your car keys.

7. The right to hold conservative, traditional views without being labeled a “racist.”
A. Once again you have the right to your conservative “or traditional ” views if you wish to call them that. My liberal views are also traditional having been born during the enlightenment. You see America is a country of many traditions, some conservative, some liberal and some traditionally insane. I have many conservative friends, but I have no racist friends. You are allowed to be a conservative but you are not allowed to be a racist or to perform racist acts. We have laws against that and we enforce them… Please see question number 4.

I hope that this has been helpful to you. I’m going to stop for awhile now and have a cold beer. Enjoy your squirrel.


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