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Obama should appoint Warren as interim consumer chief – The Boston Globe

Posted in News, Politics by Bob Higgins on September 15, 2010

Photo: Scott J. Ferrell / CQ/Getty

Editor’s note: The applause over her appointment will bring a positive crescendo  in the lead up to the election and the pitiful whining of her detractors on the corporate right will offer plentiful opportunity for the public lancing of annoying boils. Bob Higgins

Editorial from the Boston Globe

IDEALLY, PRESIDENT Obama would nominate Harvard Law School professor Elizabeth Warren to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Senate would promptly vote on her confirmation. But the election-season climate of toxic partisanship, coupled with the almost universal willingness to use a Senate filibuster to extend debate indefinitely, makes it impossible to fill the job this year. The agency would be meaningless without a head, so Obama would be justified in appointing her on an interim basis.

The appointment would be fully legal: Congress gave the president the option of setting up the agency on a temporary basis in the Treasury Department. And there is longstanding precedent, through recess appointments, of having officials serve in top jobs for extended periods before confirmation. Eventually, Obama would have to seek Senate approval for Warren to serve a full five-year term.

Read more and comments at The Boston Globe


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