Bob Higgins

Hey BP, Advertise This: Walk Across the Mississippi on BP’s Carpet of Dead Fish

Posted in Uncategorized by Bob Higgins on September 15, 2010
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BP is reportedly spending more than a million bucks a week on their friendly, sensitive Bubba next door ads in an attempt to repair their brand and convince the public that they are aware of the fact that they might have committed a bit of a faux pas in the Gulf of Mexico but they are doing everything humanly possible to make it right.

Here’s a statement for the tourist and travel brochures in hotel lobbies and airplane seat backs: Mississippi River Brimming with Dead Fish Near Gulf of Mexico. Follow the headline with pictures from Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana and you’ve got yourself a certified tourist magnet.

These pictures will look great on the cover of the menus at seafood restaurants or in the frozen fish section at the local supermarket.

My guess is that few people in the affected areas of the Gulf states get all warm and fuzzy when BP’s ads are displayed every half hour or so as they are here in Ohio. Between the oil and the floating fish anyone can walk on the water around here.

Fisherman will find the pickings easy, leave the pole at home, all you need is a net or just a sack to take home your limit.

Whether you can or should eat everything you catch is really up to you.

Bob Higgins

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