Bob Higgins

Privatizing Profit, Socializing Risk – What The Suits Really Want

Posted in Uncategorized by Bob Higgins on September 14, 2010
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Social programs like Medicare, or Veterans benefits or Social Security itself have caused atrial fibrillation in the “hearts” of the ruling class and the GOP since Moses was last seen skinny dipping in the bullrushes.  (Do we still have bullrushes?)

Programs like these siphon public money away from projects dear to the “hearts” of the ruling class like the one being proposed to the state’s Public Utilities Commission in the wake of the San Bruno explosion and fire.

PG&E reports that it has just under a billion dollars worth of fire insurance with a ten million dollar deductible, (gulp) but if other incidents should arise that out reach their coverage they should be bailed out by their customers or the public at large.

Their are few things that ratchet up my rage level like the pitiful sound of the whining of corporations required to pay the costs of their own negligence, shortsightedness, and criminality.

Many of those who were affected by this disaster have not been able to return to what’s left of their homes, many never will, the innocent victims have not even been interred and PG&E is in the boardroom searching for ways to duck their liability.

If there is a nickle to be made it goes in the corporate pocket and if attempts are made to tax their profits their wing tips catch fire dragging in the dirt. (Do they still wear wing tips or did they go out with bullrushes?)

The liabilities like toxic waste dumps, super fund sites, nuclear waste, aquifers poisoned by fluids used in “fracking,” the Gulf of Mexico turned into a hellish soup of crude oil and corexit, death, disease, disaster and general mayhem and misery must be borne by the public.

And they have the balls to call me a socialist?

Bob Higgins

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