Bob Higgins

Blackwater: Too Much To Hope For Change

Posted in News, Politics by Bob Higgins on August 24, 2010
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Eric "The Shadow" Prince

The suspected criminals at Blackwater or Xe or Rent a Thug or whatever they call themselves these days, settled with the suspected criminals at the state department for 42 million bucks, which after their instant cash register rebate means that for 30 million bucks it’s back to business as usual.

42 million, oops make that 30 million, worth of whitewash and wrist slap.

But hey, a little creative padding in the first few contracts and they’ll be back in the red in no time.

The mere fact that we’re still doing business with these criminals makes it clear, at least to me, that the same criminals are still running the State and Defense as well as various other departments.

So much for change and hope. It was always too much to hope that this bullshit would ever change.

State Department Details Blackwater Violations of US Laws


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