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And Now, For something Completely Different

Posted in Arts and Entertainment by Bob Higgins on May 7, 2007

An estimated 18,000 to 20,000 people lined up naked in Mexico City’s Zocalo Square in response to a call from U.S. photographer Spencer Tunick. Photo by Claudio Cruz Associated Press

In a time such as this and in a world such as ours, amid all the insanity, the madness, the violence and greed, the struggles and wars for domination and control of wealth and resources there appeared yesterday a brief shining moment of sanity and humor, of trust and beauty and just possibly an enormous expression of plain, simple, human love and freedom.

La Ciudad de Mexico may have proven herself to be the most civilized place on this free falling old blob as 18000 of her people exposed themselves to the world as the most beautiful, urbane, orderly, and for awhile at least, the most scantily clad group of folks ever assembled anywhere.

I have absolutely no idea what it means (if anything) when 18,000 people disrobe in public, thereby exposing 36,000 buns (the math stops here) to the rest of the solar system and the entire universe at large but I think that it may just be a sign that humankind is reaching adulthood at long last and that along the way we have somehow managed to hold on to a bit of our collective innocence and exuberant youthful joy.

If it is true, as some have said, that the glut of UFO sightings during the last half of the twentieth century began after World War 2 and the advent of A Bomb testing which was witnessed by alien civilizations, who then began to send squadrons of flying saucers to investigate, I think that we should prepare ourselves. If those same civilizations have anything akin to the Hubble telescope, and I’m sure that they must, they have to be thoroughly intrigued by yesterday’s “Greatest Peepshow On Earth” which took place in Mexico City’s Zocalo Square in yet another mass nude-in (by far the largest) organized by American photographer Spencer Tunick. Expect more UFO sightings soon, they’re coming with long lenses looking for more detail, I’m sure of it.

Everyone has covered this story by now (who could dare resist) and I’ve read several versions, but I most enjoyed Getting Bare In the Square For Art’s Sake by Manuel Roig-Franzia who treated it with mild amusement and a sense of fun.

I expect that the bluenoses of every respective religious stripe will be all over this story as well, wringing their hands and beating their breasts, decrying our state of moral decay and the abject decadence of modern mankind. This somehow lovely and I think, important event will be offered as a sure sign that we are rapidly hurling ourselves into the dark pit of someone or another’s version of Hell.

I don’t know, I’m not a religious person. What I believe, if anything is hard to define. Of this though, I am certain, God, whom I have read has always possessed the most advanced version of the Hubble telescope, is at this moment sending an enormous cosmic belly laugh across the infinite reaches of the universe.

It may cause some radio interference and a few minor navigation problems but I strongly suggest that we all share in God’s enjoyment of us, just this once.

Mexcanos, muchas gracias mi amigos.

Con mucho gusto

Bob Higgins

Worldwide Sawdust


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