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Mister Manners Takes Umbrage at Jim Webb’s War Rage

Posted in Politics by Bob Higgins on December 2, 2006

“Mister Manners,” George Will (pictured above in the second grade) asks:
“Can’t We Wage Aggressive War, Kill Thousands of Innocent People,
Destroy American Liberty And Still Be Civil?

By now everyone has heard all about the “Teapot Tempest” surrounding Senator-Elect James Webb’s alleged rude treatment of the President of the United States at their recent meeting.

Webb, who was awarded the Navy Cross for valor under fire and two Purple Hearts for wounds received in Vietnam has a son serving in Iraq. When President Chicken-Hawk asked Webb how his son was doing, Webb replied that he wished that the troops would soon be leaving Iraq. When the president responded with the comment “that’s not what I asked you,” “how’s your boy?” Webb replied, “that’s between me and my boy Mr. President.”

George Will, our “Mr. Manners,” remarked on this event in the Washington Post a couple of days ago, writing:

“Webb certainly has conveyed what he is: a boor. Never mind the patent disrespect for the presidency. Webb’s more gross offense was calculated rudeness toward another human being- one who, disregarding many hard things Webb had said about him during the campaign, asked a civil and caring question, as one parent to another.”

The nearly always erudite, often boring and constantly pompous Mr. Manners, who has been described as a “wax figure” and who, I suspect, carried a briefcase to school in the second grade, seems to have gotten his shorts in more of a wad than usual over this incident.

“A boor?”

I don’t remember having heard heard that expression since Myrna Loy used it in describing someone to William Powell in an old “Thin Man” movie from the ’40s.

Not having been born into a life of protected privilege, I will probably never understand the arrogance which seems to come so naturally to many of those who were so blessed.

George Will was born to such a life, the son of a professor of philosophy, he comes by his special penchant for being ponderously boring quite honestly. While a generation of his peers fought and died in Vietnam, George was studying or teaching political philosophy and preparing for a career often spent encouraging the powerful to send the sons and daughters of the powerless into harms way in defense of every indefensible, hare brained notion of empire dreamed up by his patrician elite.

Likewise the President for whom he professes such respect, during the same period was using his family connections to twist every arm that could keep him out of the jungles of Southeast Asia and preparing for a career of failing at every business endeavor he undertook and being bailed out at every turn by his wealthy and powerful parents and their even wealthier friends.

Now, President Chicken Hawk has found his true calling as a professional pompous ass politician in the employ of the same people who did so much to help him during his disastrous business career.

The accomplishments of his political career may be outshone by his prior, not so stellar, business achievements.

Here we have a twice UN-elected president who is directly responsible for the deaths of nearly 3000 of America’s most valiant children and the wounding, maiming, and traumatizing of more than 20,000 others, as well as the deaths of perhaps 100,000 Iraqis who got in the way of his quest for Empire or revenge, or insane lust to prove that he is a tougher guy than his Yale cheerleader uniform would indicate.

George Will expects civility toward this S.O.B.?

Mister Manners is upset over Sen. Webb’s “patent disrespect for the presidency.” I would submit that no American in history has done more to cover the Presidency of the United States with disrepute than George Walker Bush and his merry band of criminals, incompetents, and downright psychopaths.

I firmly believe that Jim Webb has so much respect for the office of the president that he finds it difficult to treat the current occupant with what might pass for the proper fawning, sycophantic, bowing and scraping which George Will seems to expect.

Nora Ephron took a nice swat at our two Georges in a piece titled Bad Manners at Huffington Post the other day. She concluded:

“So finally someone said to George Bush, Don’t think that what you stand for is beside the point. Don’t think that because you’re President you’re entitled to my good opinion. Don’t think that asking about my boy means that I believe for even one second that you care. If you did, you’d be doing something about bringing the troops home.

George Will thinks this is bad manners.

I don’t.

I think it’s too bad it doesn’t happen more often.”

Nora Ephron

I have to agree with that sentiment, it seems to me that when the Office of the President of my United States is being held by a criminal as well as an abject boob a proper respect for the office demands that we stand up and spit in his eye.

Senator Webb, My hat’s off to you.

Bob Higgins

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